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Astounding XL And Jumbo Diamond Painting Kits To Inspire You

What’s the biggest Diamond Painting you’ve at any point chipped away at? As far as I might be concerned, that must be my darling When Dreams Come True by Leonid Afremov. My little yorkie remembered for the pic for reference 😊

At the point when Dreams Come True – Leonid Afremov

Presently, that was a 60x40cm pack with a huge number of jewels. I was feeling quite extraordinary about my achievement, until I understood there were individuals out there making 100cm+ shockers that caused me to feel like a beginner.

Diamond Painting for Kids - Big Gem – Faber-Castell USA

At the point when Dreams Come True – JUMBO

Any individual who loves Diamond Painting broderie diamant france realizes that the bigger the material, the better the outcome. In the event that you go enormous enough, your completed Diamond Art will look practically indistinguishable from the first picture. Any individual who’s finished one of these show-stoppers will disclose to you it’s definitely worth the exertion!

To assist you with getting roused, we accumulated the most astounding XL and JUMBO Diamond Painting Kits from the fine people in the Paint With Diamonds Support Group.

This Gorgeous Zodiac Diamond Painting

Shannon Lee Finton made this magnum opus Zodiac Diamond Painting in 80x80cm. With this particular plan, you truly need to evaluate to ensure you can peruse the lettering!

This Ginormous Red-Suited Santa

Jami Jarrett Rehor says, “At long last finished!!!! 140×105”. This is genuinely a shocker, Jami! The red tones and shadowing on the coat are simply lovely. It looks very much like the first work of art!

This Flawless Skyline

Pamela B gives us this photograph sensible city horizon in Diamond Art structure. The tones in the reflection do it for me. There’s only something about the appearance in horizons that make for dazzling Diamond Paintings!

This Beautiful Bouquet Of Flowers

Endless hours and a large number of jewels later, Emily An is at long last finished with this lovely still life Diamond Painting. “I just completed the 60x80cm round drill unit in this example, and it is beautiful!”

This Spicy Kitchen Arrangement

Kitchen dividers looking somewhat scanty? Take some motivation from Bethanie Gubler, who made this brilliantly fiery Diamond Painting for her comfortable cocina.

Master Tip: seal your Diamond Painting and additionally put it behind glass to keep away from any kitchen cooking fog destroying the cement!

This Delightful Farmhouse Cow

I suppose you can say this Diamond Painting truly moo-ved me 🐮. In all seriousness, @ni.cky9291 did a udderly phenomenal occupation on this work of Diamond Art.

…I am sorry for draining the cow jokes for everything they have.

This Fiery Jungle Leopard

I wouldn’t have any desire to wind up on this present hunter’s radar, that is the manner by which practical this thing looks. Carmen C worked really hard catching the excellence of this huge wilderness feline.

This Psychedelic Beatles Artwork

All you need is love, love, love when you work your way across a gigantic material like this one. “I truly appreciated doing this one” says Shannon S. “The tones are excellent and dynamic. I did the 60×80 and it ended up extraordinary.”

This Homely Masterpiece Across Multiple Panels

Angela B says, “I had bounty drills to complete this. Material was obviously stamped. Looks lovely wrapped up.” Anyone else up for a board conversation? Multi-board units are an ideal focal point for any ah, it feels good to be back home.

Not to be outshone, Adina S made this flawless 5-board elephant dusk painting. “Can hardly wait to hang! Presently off to outline them!” With boards, the prospects truly are interminable. On the off chance that you have a smart thought, we do Panel Custom Kits!

This Fish About To Take The Bait

Doesn’t it nearly feel like there’s a camera submerged? Wendy Goguen just completed this beautiful 100x100cm and I for one couldn’t be more dazzled.