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In the event that you make your own Book of Shadows, you will actually want to outfit more force from it.

To make one, you need a plastic 3 ring cover, some batting, some texture, and some paste.

Lay the cover on the table with the goal that it is open. Put the batting under and mark where you will cut the batting so it tends to be stuck to the outside of the folio.

After you are finished denoting the batting, you need to utilize your scissors to cut the batting around the framework you made.

Then, you need to expose the fastener back onto the batting. Presently, lift up one finish of the fastener and put heated glue around the external edges. At that point press the external edge of the cover to the batting to append it to the folio.

First do one cover, at that point the limiting, and afterward the other cover.

Eventually, the batting ought to be safely secured to the fastener, and should arrive at the specific finishes of the folio covers.

The fastener should open and close without any problem.

You will presently cover the fastener and batting with the texture that you chose. Lay the folio and batting covering on top of the piece of texture. Ensure you select a space of the texture that will give you the look that you need outwardly front of your book of shadows. (All in all, position the fastener onto the texture Spellbooks so the texture will look how you need it to on the cover)

Then, take your felt tipped marker and imprint the texture to 2 creeps around the folio.

Utilizing the scissors, cut the texture around the lines that you stamped. You should now have a piece of texture the ideal size to cover the folio (with your 2 creeps of pad around the edges).

Then, lay the folio and batting cover it, on the texture you cut out. Ensure you have an even 2 creeps of texture around the cover (expose the fastener).

Lift up one finish of the cover and put heated glue around the edges of the batting.

Presently bring that finish of the texture up to the batting and pat it flush with the paste you put on the batting. Delicately rub the texture smooth.

Do exactly the same thing with the limiting, and with the other front of the fastener.

At the point when this progression is finished, the texture ought to be stuck around the outside of the batting on your fastener. You will in any case have the 2 creeps of texture around the fastener hanging free. We will manage that in sync 6.

Presently expose the cover on the table before you. Start with one of the edges of texture and stretch it over within the folio. Ensure it is educated.

When you can perceive how far it will extend, place heated glue within edge of the fastener and tenderly stretch, and rub the texture over the paste so it sticks.