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Let me start by saying that this was written by a player and as a player I consider a lot when comparing one online game rental service to another. Ironically, the same items are examined when comparing online game rental services to in-store ones. There are some words that are held in higher regard by gamers like me than any other when it comes to grabbing video games, both online and in-store. Those words are; “selection”, “availability”, “affordability” and “price” or SAAP. Let me explain a little more.

While every aspect of SAAP is crucial to a successful online game rental service, selection carries slightly more weight than availability, affordability, or price. Businesses need to be able to offer not only what’s new, but games that aren’t as new anymore that we still enjoy playing. You can pre-purchase video games, but why can’t you pre-rent them? With online game rental services you can do that. Book a copy in advance and make sure you have the game the day it goes out, never leaving the house.

Availability is practically useless without selection, what good is it if they have 100 copies of polar bear bowling? Wherever you take your video games, you need them to have a good selection, but what’s the point of bringing the best games out there if they only have one copy? 1000 copies of a game for an online game rental service can be just as useless. Some of the more obscure online game rental services only have 1 distribution center, and if you only have 1000 copies of a highly anticipated new version like Killzone 2 or GTA4, 1000 copies don’t go very far when divided by a whole country of players.

This is probably the number one concern on players’ minds when they are considering an online game rental service. We want our games when we want our games, right? But the problem with that “today not tomorrow” philosophy is that you rely on in-store game rental companies to provide you with the game you WANT when you want it and we all know from experience that 9 times out of 10 they can’t. So you end up waiting much longer to play the game you’ve been wanting than 24 hours. The selection and availability are excellent without a doubt. If store game rental companies like Blockbuster offered higher selection and availability than there would be room in the player market for a single online game rental service. However, they don’t, they haven’t and most likely never will.

The price is the price guys. Let’s face it, no video game rental service will cost you or save you thousands of dollars every month and while it’s important to save what you can, why pay $ 3 less to get frustrated. This does not mean that you have to pay more. Many of the best online game rental services can afford to give you the best deals and therefore the best of SAAP available.